Dan Wilcock

Publican, General Dogsbody & Wannabe Sommelier

Marc Beeston

Publican, Bean Counter & Peroni Appreciator


Working Hard For You

What makes us special? Why, our people of course. Young (ish!), attentive and determined to impress. Customer care is at the forefront of our philosophy. We aim to provide the best service, and our dynamic team put their heart and soul into every detail to ensure your experience is second to none. We are very much looking forward to meeting you, and in the meantime here’s our story…

Marc and I met at university in Manchester whilst I was studying Modern Foreign Languages and he, Finance. We’ve been firm friends ever since.

And we’ve also discovered a growing respect for one another since working together.

I spent my formative years in France, which might go some way to explaining my love of fine wines and champagnes! After gaining my degree, I travelled the world, funding my journey by managing bars and restaurants, before returning to the city of Manchester to manage a restaurant and bar there.

Meanwhile Marc was finding his career in finance uninteresting and soul-less, to say the least. And it was over a beer that we first discussed our desire to craft a career for ourselves which would incorporate all the things we loved – working in the hospitality industry, spending time with people (we both love chatting!) and providing incomparable customer service experience – and which ultimately we’d find fulfilling and satisfying.

At 29 & 32 (I’m the young ‘un!), we’d finally matured into the realisation that the bright lights of the city were no longer so attractive and instead we wanted to be part of a real community, and ideally, in a village location. We knew it was meant to be when we first visited The Coach at Edenfield and we knew could create a warm atmosphere here, which, coupled with great food and good wines & beers, would become a much-welcomed addition to this area.

For those of you who we’ve met already, thank you for your much-welcomed feedback and appreciation of the changes we’ve implemented thus far. For those of you who whom we’re yet to meet, we’re very much looking forward to doing so and we hope that you won’t leave it too soon. We think you’ll find The Coach at Edenfield much-changed, and we’re certain you’ll agree with the recent positive response and feedback we’ve been grateful for.

You’ll no doubt meet our girlfriends too, since they’ve quickly realised that if they want to see us, they need to hang out here! Workaholic I’ve been called. Cheers to that we say!

Dan and Marc